⋅ 31 October 2010
bild från FlickrPhoto by Flickrby Giodinu

Spirit Connection

The closeness
of blood-tie is thicker than water
Bonding is
tight-glued to attachment of kin.
But nearness
of spirit is thicker than either
Once soul
connection is allowed to begin.

Becoming as
one with the spirit of "other"
Means accepting
a presence ethereally thin.
A bondage much
stronger than closest of blood-tie
It involves
body and soul, outside and in.

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  • WHOA! too good. Fay, true is this. true. imagine this though... all our breathe came from God, no wonder he loves us so...31 Oct 2010 by

  • What a marvelous poem focusing on the tenuous, yet glorious nature of romance, friendship and free-will, enveloping the reader with wisdom!31 Oct 2010 by

  • Spiritual unity is stronger than one else indeed!31 Oct 2010 by

  • Lol! I love this glorious write Fay!!! Love sweeps everything else away. :) xxx31 Oct 2010 by

  • Nice write and well written on the closeness of blood ties.31 Oct 2010 by

  • I am speechless.I exalt you. 1 Nov 2010 by

  • Your glass is half empty and mine is half full, can fire and water mix? will it bubble and boil, in such a turmoil,, without any magical tricks! can a love such as yours, open doors, to heart that's as wanton me, would you walk a mile, for a man with a smile, for a very ,"naughty Geordie" 3 Nov 2010 by

  • Fay, I missed this write earlier....it is brilliant, you bring out the concept of blood ties with finesse..the spirit metaphor in the picture is truly creative26 Jun 2011 by

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