⋅ 12 September 2013
Movie by YouTubeby baroqer2010


(You may like to listen to some of music from the movie
Camelot before reading the poem - sigh)


If ever I would leave you
my muse reminds me to go now
in springtime, where there’s fresh
images to discern and compose~

She understands my new poetry
group emails me other venues
that may publish some poetry
and this is hard work I know~

If ever I should leave you
my technician tells me to spend
a long time on my computer as
I need discipline to fix this woe~

He tears out his hair with an “OH
NO! Set up some folders in your
computer from long winded words
or your data will break down I know!”

If ever I would leave you
spring time bewitches me so.
There are short holidays to go
on and other projects to follow~

If ever I should leave you
it is now as it’s spring, yet
I will miss you my dear fiends
more than I could ever show~

When I return to Poetfreak
it may be in spring, summer, winter
or fall, when time knows the answer
as sporadic seasons come and go~

Karin Anderson © 2013
All Rights Reserved

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  • Dang, Karin. Hope all is well.12 Sep 2013 by

  • A poignbat farewell - see you on the flip side K - Keep well12 Sep 2013 by

  • Oooh you will be sorely missed my long-time friend - but have a great break and find other adventures before you return - but return please do. Best wishes on your new ventures - xxx Fay12 Sep 2013 by

  • Dear karin, i know this has been a hard choice for you to make, but go and be happy in other places, expand your horizons and experiences .When the time is right come back and share your beautiful poetry once again... Most of all be happy....... xxx12 Sep 2013 by

  • So sorry to hear you are leaving, we have known each other through poetry a long time, enjoy your break and other commitments, I will look forward to your return, however long it takes, Best wishes Lynda xxx12 Sep 2013 by

  • Oh Karin I am really sad to see a dear friend and a very talented poet leave.. You will be missed and I can only hope that you will return someday. PF will not be the same without you. love Sandra12 Sep 2013 by

  • I understand , keep the door open dear friend , copy paste and post us your work in a flash drop it in the box so we my share still the adventure of your new work, pf gets sadly misused some times ,how ever we tidy op a room and set the table to celebrate your return, you will be missed! happy trails , when you look back, they all lead to home12 Sep 2013 by

  • You bid us a touching farewell dear Karin as one of our senior and veteran poets, whom I had known for more than five years now from our 'Poemhunter' days! But I am happy to learn that you are going to publish your works, which has also been my cherished dreams of many years! This I know involves a lot of editing, with back up floppies as your technicians rightly advices you! I too have posted on several sites before, but found this one to be most liberal of them all! The site remains open for you, do drop in whenever you feel like ! With best wishes and take care, -Raj12 Sep 2013 by

  • sad all the departures best of luck!.......................one by one goes and who remains here at last?12 Sep 2013 by

  • a lovely poem.. all i say is sure your lovely friends wud miss you... like Nimal says I say best of luck too! :)12 Sep 2013 by

  • Karin, you are a most wonderful poet and must follow your heart and mind wherever they lead. I hope that your journey does not take you too far away that you feel you cannot return. For there will always be an empty space here, that only you can fill. Best of luck on your travels. May they bring you safely home. :) kath xxxx12 Sep 2013 by

  • Take care, Karin..you will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Mmmmmmmmwahh12 Sep 2013 by

  • Take care, Karin..you will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Mmmmmmmmwahh12 Sep 2013 by

  • Oh, dearest Karin. I'll truly miss you and your fantastic poems You'll be missed by many poets here at PF. Nevertheless, open your fairy wings and fly to Spring to find new colours and new muses. Take care, my friend. A warm bear hug for you and Ross. All my blessings. xxxx Laura12 Sep 2013 by

  • Dear Karin, one of my favourite songs! Thank you for all your beautiful poems. Love and best wishes from Harriet12 Sep 2013 by

  • Dear poetess karin, best of luck, I am happy to meet you on PF, you showed me the beauty of poetry. thank you, Hoping to see you in PF near future no matter what the season is, sure it will a beautiful time, take care of your self dear poetess Karin.12 Sep 2013 by

  • ahhh.... this is a touching poem, so with the attached song Karin! You are one of the best poet I have known at PF and a good friend too. I will miss you and your poems; I am missing you now. GOOD LUCK and MAY THE GOOD LORD BE WITH YOU ALWAYS.15 Sep 2013 by

  • Oh Karin , I will miss you. Your kind words and your spirit of exploration have always been a source of pleasure to me. Many forms of poetry would have gone unknown to me had it not been for you. This, your parting piece, is the stuff " sweet sorrow" is made of ... farewell, gentle poet.18 Sep 2013 by

  • Once again, "No Good Good-byes" Dorothy SS18 Sep 2013 by

  • Sorry to have to read that you are leaving Karin, but I wish you all the best in your future plans...the door is always open...Maggie20 Sep 2013 by

  • Oh Karin, I missed your plane before take off...I could have hugged you goodbye and personally say "thank you so much my dear for being a part of my poetic life- which is a wonderful one because you've done a lot of spicing influence in my writings. Enjoy your holidays to the max and I be praying for God to be there always in all seasons... thanks a million more...22 Sep 2013 by

  • This is an excellent work dear Karin and I have been away from the site for a while too..But this site really needs great authors like yourself.I think I am back again and you will be utterly missed Karin.We all miss you and please come back with your gorgeous poetry.Thank you for this wonderful poem.23 Sep 2013 by

  • Goodbye and goodluck, may God be with you, today and always. 6 Oct 2013 by

  • I understand I too am semi-retired from here for now. Glad you did not close the account. May you be blessed in all that you do. Take care of all you must. Thank you for all your lovely poems and hope you will come back one day to share your great creations. I wish you the best always.10 Oct 2013 by

  • How could I have forgotten this, my dear Karin, while I have read these sad lines for more than thrice. Perhaps it was the shock that caused me forget to leave my comment here, I am very sorry for that. I am deeply sad that you have decided to go away. I recite your last concluding stanza: When I return to Poetfreak~~it may be in spring, summer, winter~~or fall, when time knows the answer~~ as sporadic seasons come and go~~~~~~~It seems as if I am walking (again) in a Twilight Zone...The video is heart wrenching my dearest Karin, altogether you created a unique Goodbye here....we only have four seasons...and hope to see you back on one of those famous seasons....I thank you for sharing this precious sad event. GBU Abundantly and your beloved époux too.17 Oct 2013 by

  • dear Karin, i somehow missed this post during my busy season..i'm deeply sad as well that you left and know that you are wholeheartedly welcome back with your magnificent light-filled poetry. truly hoping to see you return once. please be well, smiley and strong my friend. best wishes from here~~~18 Oct 2013 by

  • I came to your page today Karin after such a long gap, and read this poem which touched my heart with yearning and longing. From time to time , we need to get away from what's familiar, to enrich our lives in ways life shows. Who knows, what compels us to take u turns, who knows about the next moment, the time is now or never. Have missed you Karin love nurture yourself Mamta15 Nov 2013 by

  • I am here after a long time and have been missing you in the site dear Karin...Know that you are always with all of us here on PF...So happy to re read this wonderful poem of yours again...20 Nov 2013 by

  • Our dear Karin... do return real soon, we miss you. I haven't been able to post for a while and it is so sad to see ones with your gift not here... do come write again and share... you are so appreciated... A fine poem, as always... take care28 Nov 2013 by

  • I know I am late.. But do come soon Karin..22 Dec 2013 by

  • When you come back I have open arms to welcome you. As your thoughts and poetry is such sweet, and of inspiration not only to me but to others. I will miss you. 3 Feb by

  • Will look forward to your return Karin, lovely poetry. 5 Feb by

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