⋅ 6 July 2012

The self-love

One takes well the odour that one smells
From one’s emissions and excretions,
Which are, however, pungent to others.
Self-love is an inborn bodyguard.

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  • True ! Perhaps it also keeps the suicide rate under control too! -Raj 6 Jul 2012 by

  • You made me laugh Shan, with self love 6 Jul 2012 by

  • Crudely but accurately said, and good diction, or word construction. An usuual subject, succintly and strikingly expressed. Entertaining and interesting and actually quite thoughtful and thought-provoking. A sly slap at prudery. Witty and humorous besides. A very brief verbal statement, to attain so much! Truth unvarnished--or, rather, with the varnish scraped off, to reveal reality. We are total beings, flesh and blood and mind and heart; and, I hope, spirit and soul--or, in some sense, sharing a spark of the divine, beyond our great intelligence and our deep and rich emotional lives. But as you have hammered home, if we have such a spark, it is embedded in matter, and we partake of material realities. You have shown this with wry aplomb, and I applaud. // On self-love, aside from its acting like a body-guard, it is the proper and true basis of all love. Expanded logically and truly, the love of self becomes the love of all: for all are selves. --Michael LP. Friday-7-6-2012 1:05 AM PDT 6 Jul 2012 by

  • lol, sharp witted. Excellent point. tfs 6 Jul 2012 by

  • Wow.. well said, especially the last line :) 6 Jul 2012 by

  • So true, indeed! Lol. Great write! 6 Jul 2012 by

  • The first and foremost thing we love is our own body... humorously well presented11 Jul 2012 by

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