⋅ 25 March 2012
bild från Flickr
Photo from Flickr by graceface2010


Her smiles…….
Was my beautiful dream

I lived in her ocean,
Like a whale
Who would like to fly…

I sing to her……..
I thought I was Frank Sinatra
Who can blames me.

Fore her
I was the director
The actor
And the scenarist

Ask the feelings,
How I felt,
When I walk
Down the street,

While cats
Looking at me
and the clouds
Were dancing.

Every things
Was beautiful
Like a brand new day.

She made
Her own Broadway
In my heart.

Smiling souls
Can see it.

When I say
Love is peace.

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  • Yes, very true, Love is peace,what an original say: "she made her own Broadway in my heart"! Wonderful poem, thank you for share.26 Mar 2012 by

  • very beautifully expressed.26 Mar 2012 by

  • Love s peace Botan. When you smile the world smiles with you. Yes, excellent writing.26 Mar 2012 by

  • She made her own Broadway in my heart. These beautiful lines resonate in this poem... Love brings peace and so much happiness. A lovely poem Botan.26 Mar 2012 by

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