⋅ 5 March 2012

Legal Tender

Within the walls of rotting discontent
lie remains of broken love
bits of colors that once adorned
sherds of family fabric torn
shattered diamond promises
broken words are burned
photographs of sacred days
scattered to the wind
what have we learned
to late
how could we have forgotten
sunset walks in the kiss of youth
whispered words of confidences
trusting words of innocence
no idea of the tyranny
forged in the fire of the dollar
that settles in the subtle struggles
never saw the moment
when the bending branches broke
never found the pieces
lost to the confusion one by one
simply carried on
waking finally on that early dawn
simply no road back
simply no road home
Oh young in love
say what you mean
build your years, with up most care
love and respect
the world can take you
dissatisfied and discontent
sitting just out of reach
while unseen hands
the very thing you are
love is your living treasures
legal tender
gard it ever so well
be holding hands with each other
while speaking of important things
if you can't
then beware
its time to circle back
so to find the path

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  • Excellent! La, methinks I heartily endorse this. Well said. La, excellent imagery and superb metaphors expressing a necessary consideration and grievous modern reality with helpful advice for the future. 5 Mar 2012 by

  • Is the stark truth facing us, how life winds through broken promises and shattered dreams to teach us so many lessons. Perhaps we need them to evolve, why has that enegy created us, we were a part of that whole and then we are this and going through experiences that mold us. The eternal quest remains. I found my answers here: http://www.sahajayoga.org.in/OnlineSelfRealisation.asp 5 Mar 2012 by

  • I agree with sensebreeze. As we go through life we continue to evolve. nice write 5 Mar 2012 by

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