⋅ 21 February 2012

A Poetic Hunter's Day!

About what shall I write today? Think I!
Starting from letter A, I can write till Z
Any poem, but it's not so interesting too!

Sonnets of different models I have tried,
Written so many poems on all topics.....;
Yet, sonnet looks to be best to write ever!

Again I step upon the known path as usual
Whether it is desert or green meadow.....!
Heard melodies are sweeter than unheard!

My aim is always good, great and solid...!
I have crossed more than half of the part;
Hope you can guess what I mean at here!

Lion cannot always look for a big prey....;
Sometime it has to be satisfied by a hare!

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  • Poets do have off days.....age does not matter.....satisfaction can be derived from the smallest happenings/things also. Nice poem to read. Happy writing.21 Feb 2012 by

  • lovely poem, you are a true poet that can say what to write today and take up the pen so easily.. Cat21 Feb 2012 by

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