⋅ 7 February 2012


In a familiar place
My home is invaded
By strangers
I am alone
Misused by strangers
The words don't leave me alone
Of these strangers
Every word said
That could have a direction at me
I am the target
For the words
Of a stranger
I am alone
They wonder why
Half sarcastically
The other half not
Casually I've spoken
Of myself too often
To the eyes of a stranger
Who don't want to read
Unable to care
I am a stranger
I am alone
I go back to find them
Longing for a stranger
From time to time
To talk to
But they've run away
My home is lonely
Without a stranger
It shows me
I have not grown up
Childish fools stay alone
If they hate me
Why shouldn't I
Hate this part of myself
That draws them away?
It's humiliation
That draws me away
From a stranger
Though I do nothing
But speak to them
They get nothing from words
That I want to give
They have their lives
The life of a stranger
And I have mine
That I do not want altered
By a stranger
So I am alone
For it to be
My eternity
Because life doesn't change
For the changeless
I accept my fate
And break the ties
That have fallen loose
With my strangers
I am no friend
So it seems
To a stranger

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  • two teaspoons full of honey every two hours for three days cured me of this same feeling so well expressed ,this poem brings back that feeling exactly ,the energy that the mid ,(brain uses) is a very special kind of a sugar,it just so happens that pure hones is one of the few foods the brian can use directly, you self will be gad you took my advise .this simple thing once learned ,never look back, suggested with only love 7 Feb 2012 by

  • sorry about the spelling this ,or that computer is playing games 7 Feb 2012 by

  • good job 7 Feb 2012 by

  • Nicely expressed piece,such sadness flows through it;\25 Jan by

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