⋅ 1 February 2012

LOVE **For Meggie's Love Challenge **

You and me
All the way i start thinking
all the way my mind was singing
at home i could not concentrate
since i am afraid it would only illuminate

i was imagening our eyes shall meet
what will it be what's the treat?
how do we land on this paradise ground
i must think deep first, i must be wise, i must profound

yesterday a bit too late i opened your letter
i was so shocked it couldn't be better
eagerly i read you asked me so many questions
how many kids i have, am i single and other informations

instantly i replied all the questions for sure
you were so kind, true, friendly, sweet, with no allure
suddenly i made an instant card
now all of a sudden my heart bumps absolutely hard

i post a poem together with the beautiful flowers
i opened my box and saw so many words like it showers
this friendship it suddenly explode, suddenly blooms
comes right from the heart with honesty like looms

i have never seen and felt a touching so true
seeing both with wide-eyes-shut between me and you
you and i could feel each other´s presence
by touching our cheeks fully by absence

For it was not into my ear you whispered,but into my heart.
It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.

this explosion must be very special
there is emotion, love and companionship, no denial
a friendship so honest and true, my dearest...
can only spontaneously happen since it's the purest!
these feelings i dare tell you is based upon my love's truth
deep within my heart and soul there's our root...

NOTE: with the quotation of Judy Garland as you suggested, Meggie.
Thank you!

by © Sylvia Frances Chan -
1st Feb. 2012 at 13.26 hrs p.m.
WesternEuropean Time.
The photo:a card designed by me.

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  • What a lovely experience to have been taken on Sylvia - - your pen is singing a love song for Meggie's challenge - -wishing you all the best with this verse. 1 Feb 2012 by

  • A beautiful heartfelt story of love you tell Sylvia with romance and passion too! 1 Feb 2012 by

  • Sylvia, I forgot to stay good luck! 1 Feb 2012 by

  • A very passionate and romantic poem here Sylvia...best of luck to you in teh challenge 1 Feb 2012 by

  • The heart cannot be silenced (My Senryu)...Such a lovely verse...an explosion of all things beautiful uniting love. Great entry! Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing 1 Feb 2012 by

  • Heartfelt love poem Frances, best of luck for the competition, :) 1 Feb 2012 by

  • oh so very beautiful / very romantic..good luck :) 1 Feb 2012 by

  • Lovely poem weaved on love theme to read! 1 Feb 2012 by

  • Very loving and passionate write, good luck to you my dear friend. 1 Feb 2012 by

  • Lovely poem indeed. 1 Feb 2012 by

  • Very nice poem. Hope you win. 2 Feb 2012 by

  • Warm and loving, just what Meggie was looking for. Your friend in words, Pete 2 Feb 2012 by

  • Sylvia , could I stop loving this poem ? Not possible, no way!!But for the picture I wish to greet it with a howl , so sweet and beautiful, you are the artist, loved the form and colours kisses and hugs and ..muacchh( new word for me,lol). Great entry, good luck dear friend. 2 Feb 2012 by

  • My dear Elena, I had to give you a reply here, then you (and perhaps many others) regard MUACCHH as a new word, perhaps it is, but is simply the activity of two mouths kissing passionately each other's mouth right in the center/heart...a friendly Muacchh for you... 2 Feb 2012 by

  • no wonder, everybody loves you because you have a very sincere heart, and I love you for it..What a lovely piece for this challenge, Sylvia, and it hank you from the bottoof my heart....mmmmmwahh 2 Feb 2012 by

  • I love the rhyming scheme in this very tenderly penned poem, Sylvia. Your skilled pen has crafted a very passionate and sweet write, which I have so enjoyed reading. Thank you for sharing. Blessings...... 2 Feb 2012 by

  • Beautiful love poem, Sylvia...love sentiments well expressed...a challenging entry...all the best 2 Feb 2012 by

  • Very lovely and endearing dear Sylvia! La, the imagery is wonderful, drawing the reader poignantly into the building excitement and budding relationship as love blossoms and romance ensues. You make me smile somehow with this beautiful entry. I really like it. 4 Feb 2012 by

  • beautiful Sylvia; its full of initial giddiness of possibilitites, curiosity getting the better of it, slowly and surely opening of heart, slow and sure building of trust, a great journey. Any relationship based on truth and rooted has a great chance at love. A super entry, straight from the heart and soul. all the best , Mamta 4 Feb 2012 by

  • A lovely entry to the challenge Sylvia and the card you made is beautiful. Good luck.... Pat 4 Feb 2012 by

  • I must be wise.... Superb card.... Well joted... 4 Feb 2012 by

  • lovely ,wish you a good luck 4 Feb 2012 by

  • WOW! Sylvia a simply super duper poem on Love. Ah so much love and so much feelings and emotions in it. All the best for the competition. 5 Feb 2012 by

  • Best of luck dear..my wishes are always with u,may u win every challenge come ur way.. This is really a beautiful piece...I think I hv read similar poem before.. Hats off..it's a master piece It's really sweet n beautiful every word is written from the core of your heart.. Good Luck!!! 7 Feb 2012 by

  • To all my dear friends, thank you so much having dropped in at this place of me. Your sympathetic comments mean much to me! GBU All! With best wishes from Sylvia FC28 Feb 2012 by

  • Wat lief om dit uit te kiezen, Y! Dank je wel voor dit vreindelijk gebaar! Veel liefs can Sylvia 5 May 2013 by

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